Women Action For Ecology

Grow your own pesticide free food....

Be a part of  this movement!

A People’s Initiative to Save Life, Livelihood & Ecology in Punjab

You can contribute by.....

1. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Donations: Become donor and send in your contributions at the frequency that would suit you:  You can send a regular monetary support on monthly basis. 

2. Sponsor any campaign or activity: You can sponsor any of WAE's campaigns on the following themes:

  Awareness and Action Against Genetic Modification of agriculture

  Awareness and Action Against pesticides use in Agriculture;

  Water Literacy & Conservation Campaign

  Organic Kitchen Gardening

  Establishing Model  Ecological Agricultural farms in Punjab;

  Fight  Action against Cancer and reproductive health crisis

  Awareness and community efforts for preservation of seeds and biodiversity.

3.  Sponsor and Support Festivals, Meetings, Public Dialogues: You can also support us by sponsoring festivals like Bebe-Di-Rasoi and Nav-Trinjan or issue specific Seminar and public dialogues 

 4. You can also sponsor the work of any of the volunteers who are working with WAE. Your donation can provide a regular financial support to these volunteers.

For the WAE, support of this kind is extremely valuable as this is what gives it a the true character of the movement. We know that you will come forward not just with your financial support but with your dedication, concern and energy which is crucial to the spirit of WAE.