Women Action For Ecology

Grow your own pesticide free food....

Grow Your Own Pesticide Free Food !

   Kheti Virasat Mission runs Women Action for Ecology, a forum for women’s participation in agro-ecological revival movement in Punjab. Women in other parts of the country have worked a lot towards social and environmental causes but the state of Punjab is yet to emerge on this front. Since the women are the first and worst victims of the agro-ecological and health crisis here and elsewhere, therefore they need the opportunity to work towards the mitigation process, for their own sake and for the sake of their future generations and community at large.

Women Action for Ecology’s venture Nav-Trinjan is an effort to mobilize women to appreciate their own traditional wisdom and role in the preservation and conservation of the environment, food heritage and ecological agriculture in Punjab. Platform for sharing of knowledge and spreading of the practices are the main tools for the empowerment of women through Nav-Trinjan.